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Andriod GPS Tracking App

As of 9-26-2013 simplegpstracking.com now has a gps tracker for android.  Our application allows you to gps track one vehicle or your entire fleet using your smart phone.  At a minimum we recommend a 4.5” screen or larger.  Using your android phone you will be able to do everything that is available on our full tracking portal site.  This means that you can view reports, set geofences, and track in real time.  Our gps tracker for android has been tested on a number of phones and tablets.  The best choice is android on a tablet with a 10” screen or larger.  Using this setup you will find it easy to manage your fleet of vehicles or just keep an eye on your loved ones.

One of the great things about this is that you can build a cheap dedicated station for real time device tracking.  For instance you can pick up a cheap 10” android tablet, put it on a stand, surf over to our tracking portal and have a real time view of your fleet 24/7.  Even better if you have a tablet with cellular internet service you can bring in anywhere and watch over your fleet.  Now that is staying connected!

Using our gps tracker for android will also work on your smart phone, but its not as nice as say a tablet with a large screen.  However it is fully functional just might take some practice to use.  Android is one of the preferred operating systems to use with our portal, because it is highly optimized and will provide a very responsive session.  Our tracking portal supports all of the popular web browsers except Microsoft internet explorer.

But for an even better experience we ultimately recommend using your desktop computer.  It is fine to tracking using your android phone or tablet, but for the best we recommend using your desktop or laptop computer.  Why do we say this?  Well for one you generally will have a larger screen size, either on your laptop or desktop computer.  This really gives you a better experience when you’re playing back tracks, or trying to view a report.  Plus if you are running other applications for your business they will all be right there on one machine.  But this is possible on some newer tablets, but then again we like to come back to the argument of screen size.  When managing your fleet the bigger screen the better.

However this shouldn’t discourage you from gps tracking using your android device, just understand that it has its limitations.  It’s great for when you’re out on the run, or when you need a portable solution to watch over your fleet in real time.