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Configuration Features of GPS Tracking

Being able to configure features for a GPS Tracking System is a powerful feature.  If the system that you are using is capable of being configured then you will be able to receive custom real time gps tracker alerts.  Let me give you a few examples.  Typically you can build configurations for speeding, geofences, idling, moving, and maintenance.    With our real time gps tracker this is no problem.  You …Read More

Reasons for Choosing a GPS Monitoring Solution

The world can be seen to be going through massive technological changes and it is time for everyone to take advantage of the new inventions which have managed to trigger the attention of millions of people worldwide. GPS monitoring solutions are excessively beneficial in their own way and can help both drivers and many businesses to overcome quite a lot of issues on a daily basis. If used properly and …Read More

Top four Benefits of GPS Tracking for Vehicle

GPS tracking has become quite popular these days because of the fact that it has to offer a wide range of advantages to people from all over the world. The features of gps tracking make it possible for people to analyze quite a lot of things in different situations, which is rather impressive. GPS tracking for vehicle is used by countless people and a lot of business organizations throughout the …Read More

The Many Pros of using a GPS Tracking Solution

Many people are quite aware of what a GPS tracking solution is in the present times. However, for those who are not exactly aware, it basically tends to provide a range of different benefits for fleet managers. Moreover, it has become quite essential for businesses because of the fact that it helps them to cut down on many fixed costs. Within a business, whether it is small, medium or large, …Read More

Andriod GPS Tracking App

As of 9-26-2013 simplegpstracking.com now has a gps tracker for android.  Our application allows you to gps track one vehicle or your entire fleet using your smart phone.  At a minimum we recommend a 4.5” screen or larger.  Using your android phone you will be able to do everything that is available on our full tracking portal site.  This means that you can view reports, set geofences, and track in …Read More