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Configuration Features of GPS Tracking

Being able to configure features for a GPS Tracking System is a powerful feature.  If the system that you are using is capable of being configured then you will be able to receive custom real time gps tracker alerts.  Let me give you a few examples.  Typically you can build configurations for speeding, geofences, idling, moving, and maintenance.    With our real time gps tracker this is no problem.  You can find more details here.

Here are some examples on why this is so important.  First of all do you really want to have to log into the tracking portal and watch the vehicle in real time 24/7?  Probably not.  That is the great thing with these features, you can configure them to send you alert if a certain threshold is violated.  For instance lets say that Bob’s lawn care has 10 vehicles to manage.  Not a whole lot but, Bob the owner doesn’t have time to sit in front of the computer all day and watch for violations.  With our system Bob can configure an alert so if the vehicle is going over 70 mph the system will send a message to his cell phone.  The message can be as detailed as Bob wishes.  It can display the address, latitude and longitude, time, link to google maps and a wealth of other information.  Now that Bob has this setup, he can focus on more important tasks at hand such as winner new clients and growing his business.

What else can Bob do with our automated system?  Well the next item we would recommend is setting up the idling alerts.  With just  a few clicks Bob can setup an alert that will go out to his employees cell phone telling him to shut off the truck if the truck has been idling for lets say more than 4 minutes.  And then if the employee doesn’t take action it can send an alert to Bob’s phone a few minutes later.  This allows Bob to save money without being bothered at first, allowing the employee to take corrective action.  The employee knows that if he doesn’t shut of the vehicle or get moving then his boss is going to get a message in a minute or two.  What do you think the employee is going to do?

Another great feature is the maintenance alerts.  Using the odometer we can set alerts after so many miles.  This is a powerful feature that will keep Bob’s fleet running smooth.  We can have any maintenance alerts sent directly to our maintenance guy.  Here is a common list that we see used:
Check tire inflations (once a week)
Check fluids (at least once a week)
Change Oil (at 5k miles)
Check Air filter (at 5k miles)
Change spark plugs and wires (at 60k miles)

engine work

Following these tips in conjunction with our real time tracking system will save you more money than you can ever imagine.  It should improve the efficiency of your fleet and give you more free time to expand your business.