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GPS tracking for your vehicles

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Never lose track of your vehicle again

Locate your vehicle online 24/7 thru our online tracking portal. Pull historical location tracks from anytime in the past. 5 Second Install

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Keep an eye on teenagers

With our system you can easily pull reports for overspeeding or other driving infractions. Keeping an eye on your teen couldn't be simpler.

GPS Track Teen Driver

Elderly drivers

Keep tabs on your loved ones. Should anything happen our system makes it easy to pull up their location 24/7.

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Xirgo OBD install device

Xirgo OBD install device 

Looking for a GPS tracker for your vehicle?  If so you came to the right place.  Our real time GPS trackers are perfect for consumer vehicle protection.  With our easy to install device and simple to use website you will be keeping an eye on your assets in no time.  If easy installation is what you’re looking for our Xirgo OBD model is a good choice.  This device is truly plug and play.  To install the only step is locating the OBD port and plugging in the device.  We also have an optional Y cable so you can hide the install.

XT2150 In Dash Covert Device

If you’re looking for a covert install with maximum features we would recommend our XT2150 device.  This GPS tracker for car or any vehicle is one of the best trackers currently on the market.  This device was designed to be mounted inside of the dash in the highest possible location.  All of the included features make this device perfect for monitoring driving habits without the drivers knowledge.  And with our easy to use website, you can setup alerts to go straight to your cell phone or email.

Simple GPS Tracking only sells devices which are certified for use in the United States (Fcc and Ptcrb for cell carriers) and that have a proven track record.  Both the Xirgo and Enfora brand have high volumes of devices out in the field and are considered among the best regarding GPS tracking.   A lot of companies produce or have produced their own hardware for higher profit margins.  This often works out good for the company but not the consumer who ends up being a testing phase of the company’s latest product.  So if you’re looking for the very best GPS tracker for car or truck you’ve come to the right place!

At Simple GPS Tracking we have developed GPS Tracking products which are easy for the consumer to use.  We have a few different device types based on your needs which are incredibly easy to install and start tracking.  One is OBD based, which means that it plugs directly into your OBD port in your vehicle that was manufactured 1996 or later.  Another device we sell installs by connecting to any constant 12 Volt source in the vehicle.  We provide extremely easy to follow instructions for this, and we have detailed videos that you can watch at any time online.  And if that’s not enough we have phone support based inside of the US.

If you’re looking for the simplest to install we would recommend the OBD based GPS tracker.  This tracker can take as little as five seconds to install.  All you need to do is plug it into the OBD port.  If you would like to hide the device, you can get our optional Y cable and tuck the device inside the dash.

Security is often why consumers buy GPS tracking devices.  Having the device installed will give you an added peace of mind.  If you only have liability insurance this is a must have, because if your car gets stolen you will never get a penny from your insurance policy.  But if you have one of our tracking devices you can instantly find your vehicles location and send the police to retrieve it.  Another great feature is that you can instantly be notified on your cell phone should your vehicle get towed off.

Another good reason for GPS tracking is teenagers.  Let them know that you have ways of monitoring the vehicle so they need to be responsible.  As everyone knows teenagers are going through a lot of changes and sometimes act irrational.  So you might as well give yourself some peace of mind when they are operating a vehicle.  With our GPS tracking systems you can set geofence boundaries anywhere you need, around the state, or around your city, so if the vehicle crosses the line you will instantly be notified.  You can also setup speed boundaries with the GPS tracker so say if the vehicle goes over 80 mph you will get an instant alert on your cell phone.  Of course you change the speed threshold for your needs.  Another alert that you can set is time, so if the vehicle is moving after midnight you can get a notification.  Also the device is capable of detecting harsh driving, rapid braking, rapid acceleration, and accidents.  Our GPS trackers are truly priceless when it comes to letting your children have the privilege of driving.

Elderly drivers can also cause worries.  Aging parents often want to retain their freedoms and enjoy their latter years but can find themselves in bad situations.  Should your loved ones ever get lost you can easily pull up our website and instantly find the vehicles location.  Or worse case if you haven’t heard back from your loved ones you can see the last known location of their vehicles.  A good configuration for this would be to set a geofence around their house, and if their vehicle isn’t back inside the geofence before midnight have the system send an alert to your cell phone.  Or another good configuration would be if an accident is detected, an alert can go directly to your phone with the address where the accident occurred.

Simplify maintenance on your vehicles by installing our GPS tracking devices.  With our system you can set maintenance alerts at any mileage interval.  So it’s now possible to get a text message every 3,000 miles to change your oil and every 7,000 to rotate tires and so on.  On our OBD tracking device, the system can forward any engine error codes to your cell phone or email address.  So anytime something goes wrong with your vehicle you will instantly have the information in your hands so you don’t end up with bigger problems later on.

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